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Security Operation Centers (SOC)

Security Operations Center (SOC) The Modern World is an advanced era where everything is technology dependent and data is stored in digital form. As the era is progressing, technology has advanced and all our data is sitting inside either some computer or somewhere in the servers. Billions of data packet are traveling every millisecond through […]

Cloud Computing Security

BY Nilowfer Storage capacity is the big deal now a days. For example, before we purchase a mobile we look for a storage capacity due to number of applications and its usage and better performance. Same time it is required for us to understand how data is getting stored and secured, and maintained over the […]

Web Browser Protection and Email Security

By Nagarjuna Chirumamilla World Informatix Cyber Security People are using web browsers for various purposes like shopping, social networking, E-mailing, reading, finding directions, banking etc. Web browser (Some of the most popular web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) are the most common points of entry for attackers. As web browsers are used […]