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We provide 24×7 around the clock monitoring and protection of your environment


Security Operation Center Services

Security Operation Center (SOC) as-a-Service

WICS Managed SOC-as-a-Service provides around the clock threat detection & incident response services. Our professionals perform triage on alerts generated in your SIEM to collect and correlate security events from different infrastructure types, security devices, and applications. We then track incidents and work with your organization to mitigate threats. 

WICS specializes in creating custom solutions from the ground up, catering specifically to your organization’s existing infrastructure, technologies, and budgetary constraints.

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WICS GlobalThreat Intelligence

WICS threat intelligence service collects vital threat intel from dozens of global communities and intelligence feeds, analyzing and contextualizing the information to produce relevant and actionable inputs for your organization to manage its security posture better. Our capabilities include:

1. Leverage WICS ‘GlobalThreat’ Platform

2. Provide actionable threat feeds and IOCs that can be integrated with SIEM

3. Provide Dark Web scanning and monitoring 

4. Provide specific threat reports and threat actor monitoring 

5. Employ a designated cyber threat analysts

6. Support Threat Intel Investigation capabilities for a SOC


Our business is protecting yours

WICS has designed and Operated 24×7 SOC environments for global Institutions and Governments. Contact us to find out more.

a) Managed SOC to provide 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting & incident response

b) Certified SOC analysts & Incident Response handlers

c) Advanced threat intelligence and cutting-edge Malware analysis & Forensic services

d) Partnership for advanced Security Orchestration, Automation & Response software (SOAR). Increase SOC efficiency and reliability.

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