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Test the Effectiveness of your Cybersecurity Defenses

Safeguard against evolving and persistent threats by testing for vulnerabilities with dynamic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services.


Comprehensive Security Testing

World Informatix Cyber Security is a trusted partner for comprehensive and adaptive cybersecurity testing services, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing across various infrastructure types.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a valuable tool that allows organizations to assess specific strengths and weaknesses in their security controls, policies, and procedures. By using advanced techniques, industry-leading tools, and certified cybersecurity professionals, our services provide technical and managerial recommendations which can improve cybersecurity posture and help with regulatory requirements.


Detect and Close Vulnerabilities before the Hackers Do.

WICS can assist in implementing and managing a routine vulnerability management program to stay ahead of the hackers. As hack techniques are constantly evolving, defends must be constantly vigilant.

Vulnerability Assesssments

WICS Vulnerability Assessments use a combination of automated scanning tools and experienced cybersecurity professionals to probe your critical IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Detailed risk-based vulnerability and remediation reports are produced to help IT and Executive staff close gaps in cyber defenses, provide compliance and prioritize resources.

– Internal, External and hybrid approach

– Network, Web Applications, Wi-Fi, Mobile (iOS/Android), Firewall and more

– Fully remote security testing

Penetration Testing (Pen Test)

Take the extra step to probe vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure by attempting to safely exploit discovered weaknesses. Penetration can be external or internal, with the end goal of identifying specific weaknesses in your cyber-defense perimeter so remediation actions can be taken. With exploit attempts, refined risk scores can be generated that more accurately reflect the true risk of the vulnerabilities.

– Run publicly available and custom-built exploits

– Receive updated CVSS Risk scores based on your actual environment.

Red Team Assessment

The ultimate penetration exercise – test the security defenses, processes and teams with a real-world simulated attack which seeks to evade detection and penetrate critical data.