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Cybersecurity in the age of COVID-19: Remote connectivity

To all our valued customers,

We hope that this message reaches you in good health in a time of crisis and unpredictability. It is clear that the recent COVID-19 global pandemic is causing a level of social, economic and workplace upheaval that hasn’t been seen in recent years. Most companies have instituted remote work policies, with unparalleled number of users connecting from home networks and devices. All of our global employees at World Informatix Cyber Security are now working from home to safeguard health and prevent the spread of the virus.

As a cybersecurity company, we feel this is a critical time for our customers to consider the effects a global crisis can have on their businesses. We are issuing this advisory bulletin to keep you informed of the evolving nature of cyber threats during this time and to provide some basic recommendations to be taken under consideration.

  • Enable Remote Two Factor Authentication (2FA): More than ever it is important to activate/check 2FA. For Cloud and SaaS applications, consider applying geographical restrictions.
  • Policy & Governance: It is important to review your cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure that crucial elements related to remote connectivity are addressed properly. Security plans must include policies related to use of personal devices, remote work access management and updated data privacy considerations.
  • Email Security and Phishing attempts: Multiple government agencies and international organizations have warned of an increase in cyber-attacks, particularly phishing attempts aimed at exploiting fears and vulnerabilities caused by global pandemic. More than ever we must be vigilant; it is a good time to send company-wide reminders about phishing attack awareness and protocols.
  • Bring your own Device (BOYD): Employees using personal devices to connect to company networks should have the same level of security as company provided devices. This includes having updated OS, Antivirus (AV) and software applications.
  • Home WiFi connections: Remote work means employees will be using potentially unsafe and poorly configured Wi-Fi connections at home. Ensure employees have updated firmware and strong password practices (ensure default has been changed).
  • To our SWIFT customers: Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF v2020) addresses relevant controls for General Operator PC: 1.1(d2) Remote Operator Access, 3.1 Physical Security and 4.2 Multifactor Authentication.

World Informatix Cyber Security is committed to helping all of our employees through these trying times.  We have decided to offer a 20% discount on all remote cyber security services:

  • Security Operation Center monitoring and alerting for security alerts, valid for the next 3 months.
  • Remote Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing for websites, networks, servers and applications.
  • Cyber Security Policy & Governance Review for ensuring cyber policies are current and cover remote connection priorities that are especially relevant.

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